Welcome to Frizzle Bitts

Jewelry for the Rest of Us

In the limited world of "Fame and Fortune" the "Upper Crust" adorn themselves with Gems and Jewels from far off lands.  They seem to indulge in their Wants and their idea of Need is different from the average person.  As they brunch, we eat on the run and our idea of "Red Carpet" means one of the kids spilled Kool-Aide again.  You might not have a maid to clean up the mess, but You can look gorgeous while doing so.

At FrizzleBitts.com we deal in the Real World with Real People who do not have fortunes to spend on jewelry.  We know times are a little tough right now, that is why our pricing is reasonable for our items.  To keep prices at a minimum, I make all of the jewelry and take the pictures myself.  This is just another way to keep prices down and I Love to create new things, so to me this is a win, win situation.  I know something will catch your eye, so I hope you enjoy your visit with FrizzleBitts.com and please tell your friends and family.  Sales Associate positions are also available so feel free to contact me..  Thank you for your time.

Contact Us

The online store is currently down, but if your interested any items that have been sold or you need something to match something already purchased please contact Stacey Squier, Owner - Designer, 281-617-9127 or stacey@frizzlebits.com